3M Cavit G Jar Gray Temporary Filling Material (28 G)


A self-curing, radiopaque temporary restorative that offers easy and complete removal without the use of burs for sealing endodontically treated preparations.


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Features & Benefits:

  • High viscosity makes it ideal for the temporary restoration of cavities, especially inlay preparations.
  • Offers superb handling: packs and carves with no stringiness.
  • Fast: light cures up to 7mm layer thickness.
  • Reliably strong: dimensionally stable restorations virtually eliminate premature loss.
  • Unique blister pack ensures that a fresh portion can be easily dispensed.


  • Temporary restorations, especially inlay preparations.
  • Temporary fillings.
  • Filling implant sites.
  • Relining temporary prefabricated crowns and bridges.

Includes: 3M Cavit G Jar Gray Temporary Filling Material (28 G)


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