3M ESPE Dental Clinpro Sealnt light curing [Low viscosity]

3M ESPE Dental Clinpro Sealnt light curing [Low viscosity]


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3M Clinpro Sealant offers smart color-change technology — it goes on pink for easy-to-see application, and cures to a natural white.

3M™ Clinpro™ Sealant is a light-cure, fluoride releasing pit and fissure sealant with a unique color-change feature.

Clinpro Sealant is pink when applied to the tooth surface, and changes to an opaque off-white color when exposed to light. The pink color aids the dental professional in the accuracy and amount of material placed during the sealant procedure.

When light-cured, the pink sealant will transform to an opaque off-white color. The change of color from pink to opaque off-white is not a cure indicator.

The sealant needs to be cured with a dental curing light for the recommended exposure time. A sealant exhibiting any pink coloring is not completely cured.

Low viscosity to flow easily into pits and fissures.

Clinpro sealant contains a patented soluble organic fluoride source. The fluoride is released from the sealant in a diffusion-limited process by exchange of hydroxide for the fluoride ion. The composition remains homogenous for a prolonged period and allows cured sealant to release fluoride.

Contains and releases fluoride.

Bonds to enamel.

Ideal for pediatric sealant applications.

Benefits at a glance:

Changes color from pink to white during light cure

Unfilled: flows into pits and fissures

Self-occluding: needs little or no adjustment after curing

Contains fluoride

Supplied in a syringe or bottle dispenser

Needle-nose tip on syringe to aid in placement

Clinpro Sealant is packaged in two forms: in 1.2 ml syringes with blunt needle tips for direct delivery to the tooth, and in 6 ml plastic bottles with a drop dispenser tip.


Clinpro Sealant is designed for sealing the enamel pits and fissures of teeth to aid in the prevention of caries.

Clinpro Sealant meets ISO 6874:2015(E) Dentistry-Polymer-based pit and fissure sealants for a Type II (light-cured) sealant.


Suggested Applications

Sealing enamel pits and fissures of teeth to aid in the prevention of cavities.


Package contents:  1.2mL syringe with tips (please select qty from given options)

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