Beyes ApexPilot All-In-One, Cordless Endodontic Handpiece, Built-in Apex Locator

Beyes ApexPilot All-In-One, Cordless Endodontic Handpiece, Built-in Apex Locator


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SKU: 210-AL2020

ApexPilot All-in-One Endodontic Handpiece Built in Apex Locator – Beyes Dental

  • The ApexPilot All-In-One is the most convenient root canal treatment system. Its handpiece is complete with a root canal length measurement and root canal preparation; just connect a lip hook with the motor to make the canal length measurement and preparation at the same time.

Convenient Working Modes

  • It can be used with built-in apex Locator, or optional bluetooth function, displayed data sychronize with ApexPilot locator, perfect visibility

Portable, Smart & Cordless

  • Cordless endodontic handpiece design. Safe and reliable medical equipment to let doctors use more handy

Quick Start

  • Only one button can achieve root canal length measurement and preparation. The doctor can set the most commonly used parameters to this func-tion, such as speed, torque, rotation mode

Auto Reverse

  • When it continues applying a load and it exceeds the torque limit value, it will automatically turn to AUTO REVERSE mode, the file will rotate reversely.


    • Ergonomic design in a small size – the maximum diameter less than 28mm. The head holding section is just 16mm so dentists can have better visibility and convenience in operation.
    • “Multi-position type head” allows direction of contra angle to be changed easily.
    • The LCD panel enhances user friendliness.
    • Operates continuously for more than 2 hours (Dependent upon rated load)
    • Memory for up to 5 programs. The RESET button can be used once the error occurs.
    • The auto reverse function is activated depending on the comparison between load and set torque. A wide variety of functions such as “AUTO REVERSE”, “AUTO STOP”, “AUTO REVERSE OFF”, “REVERSE” and “AUTO RECIPROCATING” are available.
    • The motor can be turned on and off by pressing the ON/OFF key. Alternatively, the unit can be operated by holding down the ON/OFF key during operation and letting go of the ON/OFF key to stop the handpiece.
    • The motor softly starts. Since the rotation briefly stops before changing direction, there are no vibrations and shocks during the change of directions.
    • The motor will switch to sleep mode when idol for 10 minutes. Click the “power” key to wake the unit.
    • The rotating speed and torque can be compensated perfectly by the controlling chip.
    • Charging interface is designed as MICRO USB.
    • Battery is fully charged in 90 minutes.
    • The contra angle provided for this product can be autoclaved at 135°C (excluding the motor).

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Built-in Apex Locator, Cordless Endodontic Handpiece