Bonart Maverick ART-M1 25kHz Magnetostrictive Ultrasonic Scaler Magpie



The Maverick (ART-M1) is the most basic scaler. It is available only in a 25KHz model. Inserts (tips) are not included.

$425.00 $650.00


  • Operating frequency: 25KHz±5%
  • Output power in regular scaling mode: 10W~30W±10%
  • Output power in turbo mode: 20W~35W±10%
  • Water supply: 25~60PSIG (172~414Kpa)

Included Parts & Accessories:

  • Maverick (ART-M1) Main Unit
  • Foot switch
  • Power cord
  • Water tube
  • Quick Connector

Compatible Inserts/Tips:

  • TM0004-292: 25KHz universal internal water flow insert
  • TM0006-162: 25KHz universal external water flow insert
  • TM0004-452: 25KHz slim plastic internal water flow insert
  • TM0103-032: 25KHz slim external water flow insert
  • TM0004-872: 25KHz beavertail insert
  • TM0003-012: 25KHz slim right angled external water flow insert
  • TM0003-032: 25KHz slim left angled external water flow insert
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