Contour Syringe DENTAL – Approved

Contour Syringe DENTAL – Approved


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Features and Benefits:

  • Trim, lightweight head
  • Quick-tip release
  • Smooth lines enable thorough wipe down
  • Accepts standard autoclavable syringe tips
  • Cross-pin allows easy button exchange

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C1700-Contour Syringe, C1700SD-Contour Syringe w/ 7’ straight Sand Tubing, C1700SG-Contour Syringe w/ 7’ straight Grey Tubing, C1700SW-Contour Syringe w/7’ straight ShadowTubing,, C1700ST-ContourSyringe w/7’ straight SterlingTubin, C1700CST-Contour Syringe w/Coiled Sterling Tubing, C1700CSD-Contour Syringe w/ Coiled Sand Tubing, C1700CG-Contour Syringe w/ Coiled Grey Tubing, C1700CB-Contour Syringe w/ Coiled Black Tubing