Danville TurboTemp 3 Acrylic



  • 91% clinical rating
  • Easy to trim and polishes easily
  • Very good esthetics
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to extrude

$157.95 $159.95


TurboTemp 3 is designed to provide excellent esthetics, low shrinkage for a precise fit, low exothermal generation, high flexural strength, precise set time, and minimal oxygen inhibition layer.

TurboTemp 3 is a further improvement with better physical properties than even Luxatemp & Protemp, yet is still about 30% less costly. Turbotemp 3 is in a 10:1 cartridge which aids in the superior physical properties. TurboTemp 3 produces provisional restorations that have very good reproduction of detail and polish to a smooth finish.

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