DentLight Fusion 5-DOE Combo Kit


Advanced Curing and Exam Combination kit.

Including FUSION 5, violet light head, green fluorescence goggle, orange fluorescence goggle, and DVD training guide plus documentation.


You’ve got the POWER!!!

  • Advanced light kit for restorations and regular exams
  • 3 second cures; heavy-duty restoration in crown/veneer/fillings
  • Fluorescent imaging of soft and hard tissues

Technology: FUSION-DOE

FUSION-DOE uses modular design and customized lens technology to create a multi-purpose light as both the best curing and oral cancer screening device.

The device has one common handpiece with an interchangeable modular light head. Curing light head emits blue wavelength for photo polymerization. Oral cancer screening uses violet light head that emits violet wavelengths for optimum fluorescence generation. The optics for the two applications are designed as focused and collimated respectively to achieve the optimum optical density for their applications.

CDT Code for exams: D0431


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