DentLight Fusion 5 Wireless Curing Light



FUSION is the best curing light for its high performance and dependability.


$969.00 $999.95

  • Impressive performance
    • Ultrafast 3 second cures
    • 4000 mW/cm2 uniform intensity across 10mm curing tip
    • Unique, patented optics deliver a laser-like curing beam with minimum dispersion:
      • 2300mW/cm2 at 10mm distance away from the tip
      • quadrupling the power of other lights

  • Distinctive design
    • Ergonomic, intuitive and easy to use.
    • Low profile tip with 90° angle for east access
    • Solid aircraft aluminum construction with drop proof dependability
    • Seamless integration with backlit intuitive LCD interface
    • Superb conversion efficiency with minimum heat generation
    • 360 degree swivel head for easy access to full oral cavity
    • Bonding multiple restorations, crowns/veneers, and brackets in one click.

  • Flexibility at its finest – not just a curing light, but a versatile multi-purpose light with more functions than before:
    • Built-in oral screening program for oral cancer screening
    • Built-in caries detection upgradability

For the most powerful and dependable curing light, FUSION5 is your choice.

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