DentLight Nano 2S LED Headlight



Lightweight and Durable now with “Invisible” Wire

Nano 2S is the 2nd generation Nano light that maintains its legacy of the smallest and brightest light on the market while improving on the optics, lamp wire/connector and battery with the most advanced and integrated technology.


It comes with a soft super thin and durable Teflon wire. The industry unique nano-engineered wire helps users to avoid struggling with lamp cord as has always been the case. In fact, users may not even feel or notice the high-tech wire with the new release design.

Nano 2S comes with the longest running battery on the market for 10 hours straight at high power setting and 24 hours continuous running at low power setting.

Additionally, Nano 2S outputs an optimum beam size that illuminates the whole oral cavity with the most uniform and skylight color pattern for accurate procedures including shade matching.

Nano 2S is a heavy duty light that significantly outperforms its predecessors which has already received high ratings from clinical evaluations including Reality and Dental Product Shopper from 2011-2012 as well as any competitors in the dental office illumination field.

Applications: Light weight magnified illumination for general practitioners and specialists.

Construction: Unique nano-engineered “invisible” Teflon lamp cord, reinforced custom connector, custom optics, built-in microcontroller smart and sleek battery pack. Modular construction for easy service on all components backed up by our service center in Plano, TX.

Power and Flexibility:

  • Proven 40000 lux cool white light.
  • Battery pack – the smartest and longest lasting battery pack for up to 24 hours running time
  • Optimized beam quality with uniform pattern and skylight color for the most demanding procedures.
  • Large raised button for hands free operation with easy elbow activation.
  • Remember the power level setting of the user’s choice.
  • Backlit display of battery status
  • Smart audible beep ten minutes ahead of low battery shutdown.
  • An articulating arm optimized for line-of-sight illumination.
  • Fit to all major loupes with shock-proof durability.


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