Dentsply Cavitron Focused Spray PowerLINE Ultrasonic 30K Insert-1000



Cavitron Ultrasonic Inserts provide greater scaling efficiency, for light to heavy calculus, with less water. Focused spray from insert tip provides you with improved view of work area. For Gross Deposit Removal. Triple bend tip provides access to line angles and interproximal surfaces. Specially designed contoured tip for quick, effective removal of heavy deposits and radiographic calculus.




Features & Benefits:

  • For hygienists who take on challenging terrains, Cavitron gives you the power to persevere in heavy conditions.
  • Powerline Inserts—formerly known as FSI.
  • Specifically designed for efficiently removing heavy deposits.
  • Focused Spray technology is designed to deliver targeted lavage for increased clinician visibility and greater patient comfort.
  • Specially designed for removing heavier deposits.

Includes: Dentsply Cavitron Focused Spray PowerLINE Ultrasonic Insert-1000


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