Dentsply DYCAL Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition Standard Package


Dycal provides potential for improved esthetics, as well as clinically proven performance with quick set times and excellent handling characteristics. Dycal is offered in two shades, Ivory and Dentin, which allows for more natural looking esthetic restorations.




Features and Benefits:

Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition. Protects the pulp and promotes the formation of secondary dentin to ensure confidence in performance. Saves time, and is strong at critical time of condensation. Less vulnerable to oral fluids for excellent long-term results. Easy to place with ability to flow where needed while saying in place when necessary. Available in Self Cure and Visible Light Cure version.

Includes: 1 Base (13g), 1 Catalyst (11g), 1 Mixing Pad


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Ivory, Dentin