Dentsply Endo 25mm Stainless Steel K-files #15 (10 x 6Pcs)


K Type Files are an endodontic tool designed to offer superior cutting efficiency and precision handling during instrumentation. They feature a twisted design and are manufactured from a square blank to clean and shape the root canals.


$89.87 $92.65

Features & Benefits:

  • Perforated and individually labeled for easy storage and identification
  • Single use
  • Used with regular ISO files for gradual movement to the next file size up
  • ISO color coded
  • Stainless steel, twisted
  • Pre-sterilized
  • Used for exploration, patency, establishing glide path, shaping and apical gauging
  • Square cross-section
  • Solid design, superior cutting ability and precision handling
  • Silicone stoppers and calibration rings

Includes: Dentsply Endo 25mm Stainless Steel K-files # 15 (10 x 6Pcs)


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