Dentsply Jeltrate Plus Antimicrobial Dustless Fast Set Alginate Material


Jeltrate Plus Dustless Alginate is same great formula of Jeltrate with the added bonus of being dustless and antimicrobial to reduce risk of cross contamination and can be used for many things besides straight teeth impressions and models.




impression material provides quality impressions without the excessive flow you will find in alginate materials with lower algin content. By eliminating excessive flow, Jeltrate impression materials allow your patients a level of comfort that cannot be found in other alginate impression materials.

Jeltrate Plus is suitable for use in the fabrication of casts for most removable partial denture frameworks, mouthguards and custom trays. This antimicrobial dustless alginate impression material has more algin for increased tear strength, creamier and smoother impressions. Reduces microorganisms by 99%.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dustless and antimicrobial
  • High Algin content
  • Consistent mix for very smooth models
  • High tear strength for easy removal from undercuts without tearing
  • Non-slump formula for patient comfort
  • Jeltrate Plus Fast Set

Total Setting Time: Fast Set (2 minutes & 30 seconds)

Reference No : 505600


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1LB Jetrate, 5 x 1LB Jetrate, 9 x 1LB Jetrate, 18 x 1LB Jetrate