Dentsply Maillefer .06 Taper Gutta Percha Point (60Pcs)


Dentsply Gutta-Percha Points are dense, highly radiopaque, flexible and pore-free. They can be used with any condensation technique to fill the root canal.

Maillefer’s hand-rolled gutta-percha points are offered in an extended range of sizes suitable for various obturation techniques.


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Features & Benefits:

  • The high quality level of our gutta-percha points offers you the precision required for optimal obturation results.
  • Reliable insertion down to the apex.
  • Specially designed to match the tapered shapes created by today’s instruments and techniques.

Taper size: 0.06

Includes: Dentsply Maillefer Endodontic .06 taper Gutta Percha Point (60Pcs)


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