Dentsply Maillefer M-Access K-Flexofile 25mm (6Pcs)


Today, M-ACCESS brings you the precision and quality to enhance your expertise with stainless steel files.

Over 100 years ago Auguste Maillefer, dentist and former watchmaker, founded our company and began manufacturing innovative files, providing access to therapy for dental professionals with state-of-the art endodontics solutions.


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Reduced risk of file breakage

Endodontic files exhibit signs of wear during normal use which increases dramatically with multiple use

Optimal cutting efficiency

Research has shown that using files for multiple use reduces their cutting efficiency and can lead to poorer performance.

No risk of cross-contamination

Research shows that certain bacteria and tissue remnants may remain on the instrument post sterilization.

Features & Benefits:

  • Instruments for penetration and enlargement.
  • Square cross section
  • Work in quarters of rotations; then withdraw the instrument
  • 21 mm, 25 mm, 31 mm / 006-140
  • ISO Color-Coded

Includes: Dentsply Maillefer M-Access K-Flexofile 25mm (6Pcs)


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