Dentsply Protaper Universal Obturation Gutta Percha Points (60Pcs)


This micronized formula delivers warm gutta-percha 4.5mm beyond the heat source at temperatures of 105-180. The cones match the variable tapered design of ProTaper Gold and predictably fit the shaped root canal.




Features & Benefits:

  • The right fit you can feel. Variable tapered cones provide a snug fit that reaches the apex for the right tug back.
  • Improved flow to the end. Conform Fit gutta-percha has a better flow and transfers heat up to 4 mm beyond the heat source.
  • Enhanced patient safety. Master cones are not made with natural rubber latex.
  • The simplicity of a total solution. Precision-matched shapes and sizes remove the guesswork.
  • Can be used at lower working temperature. Lower temperatures reduce the risk of harm to the periodontal ligament (PDL).
  • Convenient tab for greater stability and easy identification and handling.

Includes: Dentsply Protaper Universal Obturation Gutta Percha Points (60Pcs)


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