Dentsply Tulsa Protaper Next Dental Root Canal Assorted X1-X3 Files [3/pk][Available in 21mm & 25mm]


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Dentsply Maillefer Tulsa Protaper Next Dental Root Canal Assorted X1-X3 Files

You can count on the same ProTaper efficiency and variable taper performance you know and trust from ProTaper® Universal. And now, that performance and more continues in ProTaper Next. It’s everything you love about the original ProTaper, with added refinements to improve performance.

Built on performance. Refined by science. The next evolution of the world’s leading file system is here. ProTaper Next. Performance Refined.

Rectangular Cross Section for Greater Strength

Like ProTaper Universal, ProTaper Next rotary files feature variable taper performance, but adds an off-centered, rectangular cross section for increased file strength.

Unlike ProTaper Universal’s concentric core that creates symmetric rotary motion, ProTaper Next features a patented off-center, rectangular core that adds greater strength as the file tracks down the canal.

The patented design’s axis of rotation differs from the center of mass. As a result, only two points of the rectangular cross section touch the canal wall at a time.

Unique Asymmetric Rotary Motion for Added Efficiency

ProTaper Next’s AR Motion allows you to achieve a fully tapered canal with fewer files. The result is the predictable ProTaper shape you expect — with greater procedural efficiency.

Package Contents : D1-D3 ProTaper NEXT files /box (select the length from the option given)


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21MM, 25MM