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GC America ExaMix NDS Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material

GC America

EXAMIX NDS is an advanced, addition reaction (platinum catalyzed) Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS) impression material that demonstrates outstanding physical properties. This product also has a unique combination of innovative and clinical advantages for impression taking. It produces crisp, extraordinary smooth and highly precise impressions for models, crown and bridge, dentures and inlays and onlays.




Features & Benefits:

  • Unsurpassed dimensional stability
    • Less than 0.2% linear dimensional change after 24 hours
    • Allows the lab to pour models up to two weeks after taking impression
    • Suitable for multiple pours
  • Patented hydrogen scavenger formula
    • “Non-gassing” impression can be poured immediately with no danger of bubbles
  • Excellent elastic recovery and tear strength
    • Impressions can be removed from prepared areas (even from undercuts) without tearing or distortion
    • Models can be removed from the impression without breakage or deformation
    • Retakes due to distortion and tearing are minimized
  • Thixotropic ideal consistency and flow under pressure makes EXAMIX NDS easy to handle and extremely accurate
    • Replicates accurate details, even in tight margins and subgingivally
    • Wash viscosities will stay in place on teeth until the tray is loaded and the patient occludes
  • Non-slumping
    • The heavy body and monophase will remain in place while loading both sides of dual arch trays
    • The heavy body and monophase stabilize the tray, preventing distortion and rebound
    • Great compression pushes the wash material into the sulcus
    • 2-3 minutes working time with a snap set
    • More time to manipulate and set the material
    • Less time in the mouth to reduce distortions
  • Virtually tasteless and odorless
    • Great patient and user acceptance
    • Stable in cold, disinfectant solutions
    • Can be easily disinfected by immersion in a glutaraldehyde or spraying with a hard surface disinfectant; rinse impression thoroughly before and after disinfection




Regular 2 PK W/6 TIPS, Regular 32 PAK, Value Pack – Heavy Body, Value Pack – Injection, Value Pack – Regular, Value Pack – Monophase, Injection 2PK W/6 TIPS, Injection 32 PAK, Heavy Body 2 PK W/6 TIPS, Heavy Body 32 PAK, 80 PACK Injection, 80 Pack Regular, 80 Pack Monophase, 80 Heavy Body, Monophase 2PK W/6 TIPS, Monophase 32 PAK