GC America Fit Checker Advanced

GC America



Optimal flowability!




FIT CHECKER ADVANCED and FIT CHECKER ADVANCED BLUE are Vinyl Polyether Silicone (VPES) materials that are ideal for fit-checking dentures, PFM (Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal) Restorations, ceramic prosthetics and occlusal contact (FIT CHECKER ADVANCED is ideal for fit-checking dentures and PFM Restorations; FIT CHECKER ADVANCED BLUE is ideal for fit-checking ceramic prosthetics and occlusal contact). Both of the products provide optimal flowability, excellent detail and accuracy that is not affected by saliva. The products’ minimal film thickness provides excellent transparency for easy fit-checking. Both products also peel away easily, leaving a clean, residue-free fitting surface. In-office adjustments are convenient and time-saving for all patients.

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