HEXA Temporary C&B Material 10:1 50 ml Cartridge + Tips Germany

HEXA Temporary C&B Material 10:1 50 ml Cartridge + Tips Germany


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HEXA Temporary C&B Material [LuxaTemp Type] 10:1 High End Self Curing Bis-Acrylic Composite 50ML CARTRIDGE + TIPS

Hexa Temporary crown and bridge material based on a multifunctional acrylic composite. Temp is impressive because it is so easy to use: easy dispensing, high luster without polishing, can be precisely trimmed and generates only minimal dust. Temporary restorations fabricated using Visalys Temp are exceptionally stable and fracture-resistant due to the outstanding mechanical properties and are therefore also suitable for use as long-term temporary restorations. German Made.


Working Time: 0:40 Sec

Time in the Mouth: 1:30-2:30

Setting Time: 4 Min

Reference No & Expiry:

1) A1 (HT-0001): 2022-05-31

2) A2 (HT-0002): 2023-03-31

3) A3 (HT-0003): 2023-02-28

3) A3.5 (HT-0004): 2022-05-31

4) B1 (HT-0005): 2022-07-31

4) Bleach (HT-0006): 2022-07-14

Package contents: (50mL/76gm Cartridge + 10 Mixing Tips) per pack (Choose the quantity from given options)

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1 Box (1×50 mL Cartridge + 10 Mixing Tips), 2 Box (1×50 mL Cartridge + 20 Mixing Tips), 5 Box (1×50 mL Cartridge + 50 Mixing Tips)


A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, Bleach