Kerr Herculite Classic XRV Unidone Composite A2 (20Pcs)


Herculite XRV is a microhybrid dental composite developed using the Vita shade system. Exhibiting excellent handling properties, Herculite XRV enables anatomical shaping without composite slumping. For over 15 years, Herculite XRV’s proven clinical efficacy is a testament to its reliability and durability providing long lasting esthetics and excellent wear rates. The Herculite XRV dental composite offers 38 opacities/translucencies that provide the ultimate in versatility. This microhybrid composite is available in both syringe and Unidose deliveries.


$58.15 $59.95

Features and Benefits:

  • High wear resistance
  • Long-lasting luster and smoothness
  • Vita shade match and shade selection

Includes: Kerr Herculite Classic XRV Unidone Composite A2 (20Pcs)


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