Kerr OptiBond Solo Plus Single-Component Total-Etch Bond (5mL)



Ethanol-based, total etch, light-cured adhesive technology proven to protect against microleakage. 15% filled with 0.4 micron glass for optimal reinforcement of dentin tubules at great depths. Fluoride-releasing.

Simple to use: apply, lightly dry, light cure, and you’re finished – no multiple coats necessary.


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Features and Benefits:

  • Filled technology – OptiBond Solo is 15% filled with a 0.4 µm filler
  • Ethanol-based – the adhesion promoters are carried in an ethanol solvent, diminishing both the tedious need for multiple coats and constant reapplication commonly experienced with acetone adhesives
  • Versatile – effective for all direct and indirect indications, in moist or dry environments
  • Available in bottle and Unidose delivery.
  • Proven long-term performance.

Includes: Kerr OptiBond Solo Plus Single-Component Total-Etch Bond (5mL)


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