Kerr Point 4 Unidose Universal Hybrid Composite (20Pcs)


Point 4 optimized particle composite system is a light-cured,resin-based composite dental restorative that contains approximately77% by weight (59% by volume) inorganic filler with an average particlesize of 0.4 microns.


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Features and Benefits:

  • All shades are radiopaque
  • Point 4 represents years of research aimed at bridging the gap between microfill andhybrid composite materials
  • Patented grinding process combined with rheological modifiers allow Point 4 to polish to a veryhigh, long-lasting luster similar to microfills, while providingstrength equivalent to today’s microhybrids

Includes: Kerr Point 4 Unidose Universal Hybrid Composite (20Pcs)


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