Kerr SonicFill 2 Composite Material Refill A1 (20Pcs)


The SonicFill 2 Composite Refill Unidose Tips are sonic-activated, single-step bulk fill composite system that doesn’t require a final capping layer. The unique SonicFill dental composite material contains a proprietary rheological modifier that reacts to sonic energy from the handpiece.

Sonic-Fill 2 Shade Refills are best when used in combination with the SonicFill Handpiece to provide sonic activated delivery which reduces viscosity upon extrusion and allows for thorough bonding of the composite to cavity walls.


$75.61 $77.95

Features and Benefits:

  • It’s nonsticky, nonslumping nature after a cavity is filled allows for fast, simple shaping and sculpting
  • High depth of cure and low shrinkage stress
  • Cavities up to 5 mm in depth can be filled and cured in 1 bulk increment
  • Indicated for use in all cavity classes in anterior and posterior teeth

Includes: Kerr SonicFill 2 Composite Material Refill A1 (20Pcs)