Kulzer Flexitime Correct Flow Impression Material Cartridge Refill


Flexitime is a vinylpolysiloxane impression material that has a full range of indications and a working time from 1 to 2.5 minutes (total set time 3.5 to 5 minutes). Flexitime combines the advantages of fast set and regular set into one reliable, flexible VPS material. Our precision impression material Flexitime has been developed especially for the high requirements of modern prosthetics. With Flexitime you work with high precision, time flexibility and according to your personal treatment style.




The intelligent time-concept:

The innovative A-silicone with its special formula controls the polymerization kinetics by oral temperature and sets rapidly only after insertion into the mouth. This flexible working time combined with an always short intraoral setting time takes the stress out of taking impressions.

A wide range of indications:

You can use Flexitime for a wide range of indications from single-tooth preparation over multiple-unit prosthetics to a full denture according to your requirements. The A-silicone is available in 3 different delivery forms and 6 different viscosities.

Features and Benefits:

  • Superior hydrophilicity on a polyether level creates excellent detail reproduction in moist environments
  • Correct Flow Viscosity, which is slightly more viscous than light
  • Resists tearing and distortion upon removal with Flexitime’s exceptional toughness

Includes: Kulzer Flexitime Correct Flow Cartridge Refill + 6 Mix Tips (2 x 50mL)

Special Offer:
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Valid Between:
January 1– March 31, 2020




2x 50mL Cartridges + 6 Mixing Tips, 4x 50mL Cartridges + 8 Mixing Tips, 10x 50mL Cartridges + 20 Mixing Tips, 20x 50mL Cartridges + 40 Mixing Tips, 50x 50mL Cartridges + 96 Mixing Tips