Kulzer VENUS Diamond ONE Shade PLT 30x 0.2g + 1x 4ml iBond bottle

Kulzer VENUS Diamond ONE Shade PLT 30x 0.2g + 1x 4ml iBond bottle



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Kulzer VENUS Diamond ONE Shade PLT 30x 0.2g  + 1x 4ml iBond bottle


Venus Diamond ONE/Venus Pearl ONE blends seamlessly into the surrounding dentition, independent of the tooth shade, enabling restorations to simply disappear. The image on the right shows occlusally filled cavity teeth A1-D4 with Venus Pearl ONE.

Long-lasting restorations: To overcome the limitations of traditional composites, Kulzer developed the TCD-matrix to resist chipping and fracture. We have over 10 years of clinical experience to prove it.

Assured biocompatibility: Based on the TCD-matrix, Venus Diamond/Venus Pearl ONE Shade are entirely free of bis-GMA and BPA-related monomers.

The handling is just as easy as the well-established handling of Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl.

Features and Benefits:

The Venus Diamond and Venus Pearl highlights for easy handling:

Non-slump qualities for easy carving and sculpting.

Stable, minimally adhesive, with an extended working time.

Choose your preferred consistency:

The firm, low-stick consistency of Venus Diamond

The creamy, low-stick consistency of Venus Pearl

Package contents:

30x 0.2g PLT of Venus Pearl One

1 x 4ml bottle of iBond Universal