Parkell D560-110 Ultrasonic Scaler Turbo Sensor +1 Tip Free

Parkell D560-110 Ultrasonic Scaler Turbo Sensor +1 Tip Free



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The Parkell Turbo SENSOR is an auto tune magnetostrictive ultrasonic tooth scaler that operates at either 25 KHz or 30 KHz. The Turbo SENSOR automatically detects whether the handpiece contains a 25 KHz or 30 KHz insert, and switches to the correct operating frequency. The Turbo SENSOR has an expanded low-power range to improve patient comfort during debridement, and a power boosting, user-controlled Turbo feature to increase scaling power when needed for heavy deposits. The unit functions with compatible inserts (available separately) manufactured by

Parkell or most other major dental manufacturers.

Features and Benefits:

Powers 25 kHz or 30 kHz Parkell or other compatible insert

Automatically switches frequency to match insert

External water filter prevents clogs and drips

Autoclavable handpiece sheaths

Foot-controlled Turbo power boost

Expanded low-power “Perio” mode

ThreeYears Manufacturer Warranty