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Parkell Periosonic Multi-Fluid Irrigator



Trial Period: 45 Days
Warranty: 1 Year
Made in USA


  • Flood deep pockets with your choice of irrigants at the same time you ultrasonically debride the root.
  • Compact footprint (4”w x 7”l x 9”h) fits beside or on top of your ultrasonic scaler.
  • Basic Unit is designed for practices that prefer an isolated water source for scaling.
  • Model “W” unit gives you choice of using 3 fluids. Either of the fluids in the reservoirs or operatory water.)
  • Easy connection to existing air and water lines.

Transform Any Ultrasonic Scaler Into a Complete Antimicrobial Delivery System.

The Periosonic® Multi-Fluid Irrigator transforms your standard ultrasonic scaler into a modern antimicrobial delivery system. It takes only a few minutes to connect, at which point you’ll then be able to perform an oral lavage of the periodontal pockets with your choice of irrigant—water, chlorhexidine, sodium fluoride, mouthwash—while ultrasonically debriding a root.

The Periosonic has a small footprint (4”W x 7”L x 9”H) to fit anywhere in your operatory—even on top of your current scaler! Choose from two models:

The Basic Unit is specifically designed for practices that prefer an isolated water source for scaling. Simply fill one reservoir with water and the other with an irrigating solution.

The Model “W” provides the same irrigant choices as the Basic Unit, plus the additional option of using your operatory water line for routine scaling. This means that you get a choice of three fluids to use – either of the fluids in the reservoirs, or tap water instead.

Both units include four reservoir bottles and a built-in check valve to prevent aspiration of potentially infectious fluids. Each reservoir bottle holds approximately 20 oz. of fluid.

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