Premier Dental K-files with Safe-End 21mm 30 files/pack

Premier Dental K-files with Safe-End 21mm 30 files/pack


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Stainless Steel Endodontic Instruments with Tactile Plastic Handles

Premier K-Files are used to enlarge canal after debridement with a reamer. After reamer, use a file one size smaller than the reamer so that the fragments of dentinal shavings can be carried away from the root-canal walls. Use in clockwise direction (1/4 turn only), then withdraw.

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    Premier’s tactile plastic handles, on all Reamers, K-Files and Hedstrom Files, have the ISO symbols and number of the instrument clearly and indelibly marked on the color-coded handle. The dentist or the assistant can easily locate the proper instrument in any set-up.

    Firm Grasp

    These peanut-shaped handles provide the utmost in tactile feel with a positive grip. They enable the dentist to negotiate torturous and curved canals easily and effectively. The safety eye can be easily threaded for additional protection.

    Virtually Break-proof

    These highly flexible instruments resist fracture. They can be adapted to curved root canals, while practically eliminating breakage from binding.

    Extremely Sharp

    Premier Endodontic Instruments stay sharp and cut efficiently time after time because they are made of the finest stainless steel in the world.

    Precise to AAE and ISO Standards

    Exact tolerances and uniformity are built in by craftsmen who specialize in making endodontic instruments exclusively, through precision quality controlled machinery.


    These heat-proof plastic handles can be sterilized in an autoclave, dry heat, or chemicals without fear of deformation.

    Premounted Silicone Stop Saves Time

    All Premier K-Files, Hedstrom and Reamers come with a premounted silicone stop at no additional charge.

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