Prime-Dent Glass Ionomer Light Cured Universal Restorative Cement Kit (A2)


Radiopaque Light Cured Reinforced Glass Ionomer Restorative

Glass Ionomer Light-Cured Universal Restorative has new, smaller glass particles which allow greater density and assures a smoother, glassier, more attractive finish. The harder material offers higher abrasion resistance so the restoration retains a brilliant, longer discoloration-free surface finish.


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Nothing rivals Glass Ionomer Light-cured Universal Restorative in aesthetics, simplicity and economy when it comes to:

  • Class III & Class IV Restorations
  • Cervical erosions / abfraction lesions
  • Root surface caries liner/base
  • Pediatric restorations
  • Base or liner (sandwich technique)

LC is perfect for class III & class IV restorations, particularly restorations sandwich technique.

Fluoride Protection

Prime-Dent Glass Ionomer Light-Cured offers clinically significant fluoride protection.

Research has shown that high fluoride release into the tooth helps prevent recurrent decay. Prime-Dent Glass Ionomer Light-cured is recommed for used in pediatric and geriatric restorations and helps protect patients with rampant caries and multi-level treatment needs.


  • 15gm bottle powder
  • 6.8mL liquid
  • Mixing Pad
  • Measuring Scoop


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