Prime-Dent Visible Light Cure Hybrid Composite Dental Resin

Prime-Dent Visible Light Cure Hybrid Composite Dental Resin


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A light cured resin-based composite used for all types of cavity preparations. An ideal choice for both anterior and posterior applications. Easy to mold, sculpt and polish to a high luster. Has high compressive strength as well as low shrinkage and resists wear and staining. Radiopaque for easy identifications in radiographs.

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Features & Benefits:

  • High Viscosity non-sticky formula for optimum handling
  • Hybrid Formula provides strength and polishability
  • Fast, deep light activated in only 20 seconds for lighter shades
  • Radiopaque

Package Contents:

1) A1 4.5 gm Syringe/ Pack

2) A2 4.5 gm Syringe/ Pack

3) A3 4.5 gm Syringe/ Pack

4) 7 Syringe Kit

[7 x 4.5 g syringes { A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B2, C1, UO},

7 ml Light Cure Dentin/Enamel Bonding Adhesive Bottle,

7.5 ml Etchant Liquid Bottle,

Brush Holder, 15 Brush Tips, Mixing pad & IFU] / Pack

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Pack of 1, Pack of 2, Pack of 3, Pack of 5


A1, A2, A3, 7 Syringe Kit