ProEdge BluTab Waterline Maintenance Tablets


Award winning and one of the most effective waterline maintenance treatments available, BluTab® is backed by science and proven in practice. Simply add one tablet to your unit’s water bottle at each refill for continuous treatment. Designed with you in mind, this economical product is EPA registered to provide ≤10 CFU/mL to help keep your patients and reputation safe.

  • Blutab BT50 (750mL Of Water) 50/Box
  • Blutab BT20 (2Lt Of Water) 50/Box




BluTab Cleans Water 50X Better Than the ADA standard
BluTab Maintains 10 CFU/mL or less

Untreated dental waterlines can reach hundreds of thousands of CFU/mL very quickly, which is why the ADA recommends testing and treating your lines to maintain a 500 CFU/mL level – the standard for drinking water. BluTab goes beyond that so you know you’re not risking your patients or practice. That’s water safety.

We created this dental waterline treatment specifically with you in mind. The BluTab Waterline Maintanence Tablets are not only formulated precisely for dental water lines, but also to be the most simple, economical, and effective treatment so you can focus on patient care.

  • Proven: Used by top dental professionals from every type of clinic, BluTab has been proven to be one of the most effective waterline maintenance treatments available.
  • Economical Protocol: With one of the lowest annual costs per operatory, you don’t have to sacrifice strength for price with BluTab.

  • Safe for Patients & Equipment: Odorless and tasteless, each BluTab contains a low-level concentration of non-toxic ingredients that are safe enough for patient contact, bonding, and dental unit equipment.

  • Instructions for Use: Simply drop an effervescing tablet into your water bottle each time you refill. BluTab remains effective for up to 28 days. Purging at the end of the day is not necessary. Follow the BluTab Quick Start Guide for best results.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For it

BluTab Dental Water Treatment Tablets were voted the best dental water treatment by top dental professionals to win the 2017 Dental Townie Choice Award.

“For over a decade, Townies have voted on the most comprehensive list of peer-recommended products and services in dentistry. Winners have become recognized as the most reliable and reputable in the industry.” – Dental Town Magazine


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Blutab BT50 (750mL Of Water), Blutab BT50 (750mL Of Water) 12 Boxes, Blutab BT20 (2Lt Of Water), Blutab BT20 (2Lt Of Water) 12 Boxes