Certol ProSpray Surface Disinfectant & Cleaner (1 Gallon)

Certol International

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Certol ProSpray is a ready-to-use dual synthetic phenolic disinfectant/cleaner for environmental surfaces in healthcare settings. Certol ProSpray Surface Disinfectant has broad spectrum intermediate level activity against TB, HIV meets CDC guidelines. ProSpray is water-based formula safe for repeated use on vinyls, plastics, and metals.


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Features & Benefits:

  • ProSpray is effective against MRSA-CA and HA
  • Ready to use format is safe and convenient. No dilution issues.


  • Active Agents: 0.28% o-phenylphenol, 0.03% o-benzyl-p-chlorophenol
  • EPA Reg. #: 46851-5
  • DIN #: 02231483
  • Solution Color: Natural color
  • Odor: Lemon scent
  • Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture

Includes: ProSpray Surface Disinfectant & Cleaner (1 Gallon)


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