Pulpdent Spee-Dee Build Up Clinical Procedure






Fig. 1: After endodontic treatment, a molar was prepared with two post holes
Fig. 2: Pulpdent Etch-Rite was applied to the post holes and the preparation for 15 seconds. Etching is optional

Fig. 3: After rinsing thoroughly, removing excess moisture and leaving the tooth slightly mopist. Spee-Dee Build-Up was dispensed into the post holes and around the preparation
Fig. 4: The posts were inserted with a twisting, up and down motion to ensure uniform coverage of  Spee-Dee Build-Up, and then light cured for 20 seconds

Fig. 5: Spee-Dee Build-Up was applied around the posts to the occlusal level
Fig. 6: The post and core preparatin was trimmed and finished and ready for an impression or digital scan


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