Ray Foster Model F030 High Speed Automatic Spindle

Ray Foster


Ray Foster precision high speed automatic spindle is designed for heavy duty, continuous operation. Quiet and smooth running, it permits tool changes in seconds without stopping the motor.



A simple turn of the handle disengages the clutch, stops the tool from rotating, and opens the collet to allow the tool to be removed and a new tool installed. Now available to fit most brands of alloy grinder as replacement or upgrade, including Demco, Whip Mix, and CF Price.

Feature & Benefits:

  • Available to fit most brands of alloy grinders
  • Quick change mechanism
  • Easy disassembly for onsite self-repair
  • High speed operation
  • Fast, on-the-fly replacement of tools
  • Made in the USA

Fits Grinder Model:

  • Ray Foster AG04
  • Ray Foster – All models made before 2000
  • CF Price – All models
  • Whip Mix – All models


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