SDS 8000DY Post Mounted Operatory Dental Chair Package

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The sleek styling and finely detailed specifications make our 8000DY chair a true front-runner in the industry. The 8000DY chair is designed to last a lifetime; the chair is constructed with a cast aluminum base and back with a reinforced steel seat frame. With a quiet and smooth hydraulic operation the chair is comfortable, easy to use and virtually maintenance free.

Package Includes:

  • 8000DY Chair
  • Viulux LED II Light
  • 1407 3HP Delivery Unit
  • 1615D Cuspidor
  • WS-11 Water Bottle System

  • Hydraulic Base and Back
  • 60ยบ Horizontal Swivel Base
  • Auto Return Function
  • One Programmable Pre-Position
  • Side Chair Touch Pads
  • Swivel Armrests
  • Double Articulating Headrest


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