Shofu Dura-Green Abrasives Fine Stones Shank HP Shape WH6 (12Pcs)


Silicon carbide stones with a ceramic binder:

Dura-Green stones are made of high-quality silicon carbide and are exceptional for fast and splinter proof contouring and finishing of porcelain, composite, precious alloys, and amalgam.

In the dental laboratory the extensive range of shapes helps to optimally produce the individual characteristics of the surface texture of front teeth with their vertical and horizontal structures.

In the dental practice Dura-Green stones are used for quick and simple contouring and finishing of restorations made of all modern filling materials.

Dura-Green stones can be cleaned or customized to any individual shape with the Abrasives Dresser.




Features & Benefits:

  • Precise concentricity
  • Low vibration performance
  • Consistent cutting action
  • Binder matched exactly to the grinding particles
  • Long-lasting operating life
  • Optimal cutting performance


Chairside: Contouring and finishing of porcelain, composites, precious metal and amalgam

In the dental laboratory: Contouring and finishing porcelain, indirect composites and metals

Shank: HP (Handpiece)

Shape: WH6

Includes: Shofu Dura-Green Abrasives Fine Stones Shank HP Shape WH6 (12Pcs)


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