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Shofu Super Snap Singles Mini Plastic Mandrel For Composite (48Pcs)


Shofu Super-Snaps are double-sided shanks with a metal-free mandral in the center (i.e. Soflex). These shanks are great for composites, and come in a range of color-coded grits for contouring, finishing, polishing, and superpolishing. Super-Snap is designed for easy, fast, and safe contouring, finishing, and polishing of all microfilled and hybrid composites.


$77.55 $79.95

There are several different members of the Super-Snap family: Super-Snap Singles are disposable single patient use packages. These very flexible, ultra-thin disks allow easy access to interproximal areas, and the elastic silicone shank mount allows for easy placement of the disk onto the mandrel. The SuperBuff disks are great for a final polish on all composites, without the mess of polishing paste. The Mini-Buff Disks feature a synthetic velvet polishing cloth on the outer surface to retain polishing paste during use.

Super-Snap is rated #1 by CRA over Soflex (for half the price!), and is highly recognized by the Dental Advisor, as well. It has been named the Dental Advisor’s Editor’s Choice, and was Top Composite Finishing and Polishing System back-to-back-to-back years (2009, 2010, 2011)!

Color-coding System:

  • Black – coarse (Not double-sided)
  • Violet – medium
  • Green – fine
  • Red – super-fine

Includes: Shofu Super Snap Singles Mini Plastic Mandrel For Composite (48Pcs)