Sultan Healthcare Resurge Ultrasonic Cleaner

Sultan Healthcare

The New Resurge Ultrasonic Cleaner provides better, safer and faster performance.




The 2-in-1 rack and tray system provide maximum flexibility in using cassettes or cleaning instruments in a tray. Memory and presets as well as the touch screen interface make setting up and running the cleaner fast and simple. The 0.8 gallon is a low capacity cleaner that is ideal for small dental practices with 1-2 dentists while the 2.0 gallon is a high capacity cleaner that is ideal for a larger practices. Both units include stainless steel basket and universal rack, power cord, and drainage hose. Various optional accessories are also available.

Features & Benefits:

  • The universal rack holds a deep basket, stackable low profile trays or standard sized instrument cassettes.
  • Simple degas functions removes microscopic air bubbles that can reduce effectiveness of the unit. Critical for ensuring that Resurge provides maximum ultrasonic efficiency.
  • Coupled with Resurge Instrument Cleaner, the ultrasonic cleaner provides maximum cleaning power.


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