Surgical Dentistry 18 pc. Easy X-Trac Complete Kit

Surgical Dentistry 18 pc. Easy X-Trac Complete Kit



The Easy X-Trac System is used to perform a minimally invasive tooth extraction on single and double rooted teeth. The system allows for immediate implantation after extraction, and eliminates all rotary/pulling movements, post-traumatic swelling, and need for bone restoration.


Part of our Easy X-TRAC System are the set of 3 drills (1.1mm, 1.3 mm, 1.5mm) used in succession from smallest (white) to largest (blue), to drill down into the root canal and prepare the patients site for the self threading screw.

The 1.3mm Easy X-Trac Drill is marked red and is used after the white 1.1mm drill to prepare the root canal when using the Easy X-TRAC System to remove a root from the socket with no tissue damage or post-traumatic swelling. Steps to effectively using the drills while performing a minimally invasive extraction using the Easy X-Trac System are as follows:

Step 1. Shorten the tooth

Shorten the tooth by using a common diamond bur in order to gain easy access to the root canal.

Step 2. Prepare the root canal

Only use the specially designed Easy X-TRAC root canal drills. The recommended speed is 8,000 to 10,000 rpm.

The 3 drills are color coded, indicating 3 different diameters. Start with the thinnest drill (white), and work your way up to the largest diameter drill (blue), in order to accommodate the X-TRAC Screw.

Fully insert the drills, using the entire thread area of the drill.

Tip: We recommend moving the drills up and down several times to completely bore out the canal!


Set of 3 Easy X-TRAC Screws, in 28mm, 30mm, and 33mm are used with the Easy X-TRAC System to remove a root from the socket with no tissue damage or post traumatic swelling. Keys to effectively using the screws are below:

Step 1: Select the correct X-Trac Screw

 – Choose from the 28mm, 30mm, 33mm, all 1.75mm in diameter. A specially designed 33mm screw with a 2.0mm, diameter Root Canal Screw is also included in the kit.

– To ensure you pick the correct length, hold the X-TRAC Screw to the tooth. The reference point is the indent mark on the shaft of the X-TRAC Screw.

– Tip: Always use the highest point in the tooth row as a reference for the indent mark on the screw shaft!
Important! Check the length of the X-TRAC Screw very carefully!

Step 2: Screw in the selected X-TRAC Screw

– After preparing the root canal with the 3 drills, screw in the selected X-TRAC Screw using only your finger tips until you feel a slight resistance and the screw is successfully started.

– Now use the X-TRAC Ratchet to complete the screwing process. Turn the X-TRAC Ratchet slowly and with control. Be sure to completely sink the threads of the screw all the way to the shoulder.

– Tip: Check the friction of the X-TRAC Screw after screwing in, to ensure a good hold!


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Package Contents:

1 x XT100 Easy X-TRACTOR

3 x XT110 Drill (1.1mm, 1.3mm, & 1.5mm)

1 x XT120 X-TRAC Ratchet

3 x XT128 28mm screw

2 x XT130 30mm screw

3 x XT133 33mm screws

2 x XT135 33mm screw, 2mm in diameter

1 x XT140L (left side Protector Plate)

1 x XT140R (right side Protector Plate)

1 x Sterilization Cassette