TPC Tornado Highspeed Handpieces L Series

TPC Tornado Highspeed Handpieces L Series


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  • odel: LQS-666K
  • Manufacturer: TPC
  • OEM Model: LQS-666K, LQS-666N, LQS-666S, LQM-666K, LQM-666N, LQM-666S
  • Warranty: 1 Year


    • Item is a Fiber Optic Handpiece
    • Cellular Glass Optic Light
    • Quick Disconnect
    • Optimum Push Button Auto Chuck Spindle
    • European Brand Ceramic Ball Bearing
    • Triple Water Spray Cooling
    • Computerize Balanced Turbine
    • RPM Ranging 380,000 to 420,000

Available Types: KaVo, NSK, and STAR.

Available in Standard or Mini Head.

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KaVo Standard head, KaVo Mini head, NSK Standard head, NSK Mini head, STAR Standard head, STAR Mini head