Vector R&D Inc. Replacement Turbine For Star 430 Series

Vector R&D Inc. Replacement Turbine For Star 430 Series



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Vector R&D Inc. Replacement Turbine For Star 430 Series

Vector R&D Inc.’s Select offers a wide variety of replacement turbines to fit into your existing high speed handpieces. Quickly and easily replace your turbine on your own in your office and get your handpiece back into your practice to use in less than a few minutes. Just select the corresponding turbine that matches your brand and model of handpiece in your office.

It must be Lubricated.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ceramic US Made Bearings
  • Machine Balanced
  • Very Concentric
  • Push-Button Autochuck
  • Lube-Free

Fits: Star 430SW, 430SWL, 430K & Solara Handpieces

*Please note: This turbine will not work with the Torque series handpieces

Package Contents: 1 turbine

New, Unopened Package

Ships from California, USA

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