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Tokuyama Omnichroma Flow 1 Shade Flowable Restorative 3gm - Pack of 6

Tokuyama Omnichroma Flow 1 Shade Flowable Restorative 3gm - Pack of 6


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All cases of direct anterior and posterior restorations

Cavity base or liner

Repair of porcelain/composite


Outstanding Features

Unprecedented shade matching

High polishability

High stain resistance

Flexural and compressive strength suitable for a wide range of indications

Low wear and abrasion

Low polymerization shrinkage


Benefits To Clinicians

Increased efficiency – saving time and money

Simplified inventory management

Reduction of composite waste

Never run low on composite shades ever again

Smart Chromatic Technology

OMNICHROMA FLOW’s structural color mechanism is made possible by the filler particles within the composite.

The 260 nm spherical fillers are of the exact size and shape needed to produce the shade matching effect, allowing the composite to blend in invisibly with surrounding tooth structure.

There are 2 Color Producing Phenomena

Color is nothing more than wavelengths of light that reach our eyes.

White light contains all wavelengths of color – from violet, which is the shortest, to red, the longest, these wavelengths make up the visible spectrum of color that we can see.

Chemical Color

The most common form of color visible to us and happens when molecules of a material reflect particular wavelengths.

Typical composites today rely on the chemical color of added dyes and pigments.

Structural Color

A phenomenon in which the structure of a material amplifies or weakens different wavelengths to create a certain color.

OMNICHROMA composites use structural color to create a shade match to surrounding tooth structure.

OMNICHROMA products are the only composites to utilize SMART CHROMATIC TECHNOLOGY, which…

Leverages structural color as the main color mechanism

Does not require added dyes or pigments

Generates color by utilizing fillers themselves to reflect shade of surrounding tooth

High Polishability

OMNICHROMA FLOW produces extremely high glossiness compared to other commercially available flowable composites.

After just 30 seconds, OMNICHROMA FLOW reaches higher levels of gloss than other products can achieve in 60 seconds.

Lower Wear and Abrasion

OMNICHROMA FLOW exhibits an excellent balance between volume loss of the composite resin and wear of the human tooth – making it less likely to abrade opposing teeth while not easily becoming abraded itself.

Low Shrinkage

Compared to other commercially available flowable resin composites, OMNICHROMA FLOW exhibits low polymerization shrinkage.

Flexural and Compressive Strength

The flexural strength (111 MPa) of OMNICHROMA FLOW represents a typical level while its compressive strength (397 MPa) is greater than most flowable composites – ensuring dependable results.

Stain Resistance

The extent of staining OMNICHROMA FLOW displayed after being immersed into coffee solution was the lowest among commercially available flowable resin composites, indicating OMNICHROMA FLOW will resist staining for the life of the restoration.


The viscosity of OMNICHROMA FLOW is similar to Estelite Universal Flow Medium and the majority of other commercially available flowable resin composites.

Package Contents: 1 x 3g Syringe + 10 Tips

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